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A USA & India based high tech R&D venture that develops socially significant innovative “wellness” solutions

Pioneer in creating solutions for Climate-Smart & Precision Agriculture and Personalized Digital Health Analytics

About Us


The Setting

A brain storming session about innovation, technology and entrepreneurship

The Group

A few friends from software, hardware, medical and life sciences

The Rendezvous

A coffee shop in San Francisco, CA

The Time

A pleasant evening, a few years back

The Saga

The outcome was SystemOnSilicon, a socially committed high tech venture

Our Products


A healthy society demands healthy people. To be healthy, people need to be conscious about their health, diet and ecosystem they are in. Some people are ignorant about their health. Busy schedules force people to compromise with their healthy habits on a regular basis. Sometimes what people need, is simply a little push. Wellness ecosystem will give them an opportunity to explore more about healthy diet, dieticians, nutritionists etc.

  • Need of an Organic/Natural Supply Chain
  • Lack of a Collaborative Wellness Ecosystem
  • Food based ailments: A global threat
  • A platform for 24x7 Guidance: Wishlist?

Healthcare will get a new makeover through our disruptive Personalized Digital Health Analytics framework powered by Artificial Intelligence, Genomics, Blockchain and Mobile Computing.

  • Plug-n-Play Customized Engines for need based Personalized solutions
  • Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics: Early Detection, Contextual Analysis, Faster Access, Report Analytics, Shorter Cycles, Efficient Medical Logistics
  • Connected Care: A user friendly, reliable, robust and low latency remote medical framework for Geriatric care and Emergency situations
  • AI, ML/DL, Big Data, Genomics for Personalized Recommendations, Preventive Alerts, Contextual Guidance etc

Before independence, the Colonial powers ruled India and it's agrarian society by exploiting her Farmers for their own economic benefits. This has left a permanent scar in the agriculture sector of India, from which it never fully recovered. This is compounded by the fact that monsoons are critical for irrigation here.

By 2050, the world will have nine billion mouths to feed, putting a gigantic strain on the agro-infrastructure of India. We are building an innovative agri-tech platform for Climate-smart and Precision Agriculture using Internet of Things, VLSI IC Design, Embedded Systems and Cloud-based Big Data Analytics to help manage the strain at a grassroot level.

  • Low Productivity and Profitability
  • Inefficient Supply chain
  • Sustainability Challenge
  • Government needs Support

A unit in SystemOnSilicon that is working on a stealth mode project to develop intelligent VLSI IC's.

  • Low Productivity and Profitability
  • Inefficient Supply chain
  • Sustainability Challenge
  • Government needs Support


Tanaya Logo Tanaya

Caring for Daughters

An AI powered personalized platform
for gynaecology care

RF Logo RiteFood

Healthy Living Begins Here

An AI powered personalized platform
for nutritional care

AgroTick Logo AgroTick

Re-inventing Agriculture

An AI powered platform for climate-
smart & precision agriculture

MenGO logo MenGO

Act with Confidence

An AI powered personalized platform
for andrology care

R&D Incubators

Adyakshar (the first letter), a center of innovation for digital innovation & transformation, offers end-to-end custom IT solutions and interacive training sessions in emerging deep tech domains such as artificial intelligence, machine & deep learning, computer vision, natural langauge processing, cloud computing, big data analytics, internet of things, blockchain, VLSI IC design, EDA & CAD and full stack mobile and web applications.

  • IoT & Embedded
  • AI and Data Science & Analytics
  • Cloud and Big Data
  • Full Stack web and mobile

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BuddhiChips is a stealth mode unit of SystemOnSilicon that is on a mission to create disruptive hardware designs for accelerating specialized Artificial Intelligence applications such as Machine & Deep Learning, Artificial Neural Networks, Image Analytics etc. for verticals like robotics, IoT, smart vehicles, fault detection etc.


Raj Ray


Dave Roy

Chief Scientific Advisor

Zack Agar

Manager, Enterprise Solutions


Manager, AI & Data Science/Analytics


Lead, Product


Lead, Wellness


Lead, Full Stack Solutions


Lead, TechBiz

Dr. P. Sah

HealthTech Advisor

Dr. D. Nag

AgriTech Advisor

Krishna Kumar

Head, Global Business

Mike Fister

Startup Mentor